April's school-wide theme is:  WORKING   OUT   CONFLICTS 
Greetings PS 8 Families,
As the principal of P.S. 8 - The Isaac Varian School, it is my pleasure to welcome you back to a new, exciting year of school. At P.S. 8, we strive for excellence and have high expectations for our students. We are focused on creating a learning environment that is safe, respectful, and engaging and our goal is to develop responsible and dedicated students that are prepared for the demands necessary to be successful in the 21st century.  We welcome your feedback, and I hope you visit our site often for the latest news and school events.
Claudia Tahiraj-Sadrija

*Illustration courtesy of Mrs. Jen

PS 8 Proud Lions Newsletter

April, 2018

3-5 Literacy Reading & Writing Coach

Dear Parents,
During Reading Workshop your third graders have begun their Animal Research Clubs where they will learn to synthesize related information from at least two sources. They then will write about the animal they are researching. Your fourth graders are studying historical fiction. They are entering settings where buffalo roam the Great Plains inhabited by Lakota Indians, where people struggle to put food on their tables during the Great Depression, where a plague of grasshoppers descended on our prairie lands and destroyed crops –leaving farmers with no food to eat and no source of income, and many other times and places in history. Your fifth graders are also learning about the past. They are studying the Civil Rights Movement. Martin Luther King, Thurgood Marshall and Rosa Parks are just some of the people they will encounter during this Unit of Study. The Montgomery Bus Boycott and other protests that led to change will also be discussed. 
Ms. McCosh - PS 8 Literacy Coach

K-5 Mathematics Coach

K: Students analyze, compare, and create 2-D and 3-D shapes. They use position words (above, below, beside, in front of, behind, etc.) to describe the position of various familiar objects in relation to surrounding objects. Students also analyze and compare 3-D shapes. They learn how to determine if a solid figure can roll, stack, or slide.

1: Students tell time to the hour using analog and digital clocks. Students use attributes to match shapes. They understand that 2-D shapes, such as triangles, circles, rectangles, and squares, have attributes that define them and make them different from one another. They understand how to determine the number of straight sides or vertices of a shape.

2: Students estimate measures and use a ruler, meter stick, or tape measure to measure length and height to the nearest centimeter or meter, and measure the length and height of objects in inches, feet, and yards.

3: Students measure the area of a shape by counting the number of square units that cover a region. They learn the amount of space inside a shape is its area. They learn to find the area of a square and a rectangle. Students understand that the area of a figure is the amount of surface that is covered.

4: Students identify and describe points, lines, and planes. They recognize and draw lines, rays, and angles with different measures. They explore points, lines, line segments, and rays in preparation for learning about angles. They use a protractor to measure angles. They identify angles as acute, obtuse, right or straight.

5: Students identify and classify polygons and triangles. They sort a variety of quadrilaterals to develop the hierarchy for quadrilaterals. They classify 2- dimensional shapes into categories based on their properties. Students identify and graph points on a coordinate grid.

Ms. Chang - Math Coach


  • Assembly Schedule

    Class assemblies are starting for grades 2 through 5. Please use the chart below to find your child's class.

     March 282-125 & 2-130 

     April 204-307 
     April 24 3-204 

     May 44-203 & 4-227 
     May 83-222, 3-226, & 3/4-305
     May 152-126 
     May 184-221, 4-106B, & 4/3-205 
     May 222-124 & 2/3-225
     May 254-224 & 4-223 
     May 293-120, 3-201, & 3-206 

     June 1 5-104A & 5-104B

    Posted Apr 11, 2018, 5:05 AM by Justin Russello
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    • ELA (Reading & Writing): April 11th and 12th
    • Math: May 1st & 2nd
    • Get a good, full night sleep with a healthy and yummy breakfast in the morning (PS8 offers free breakfast to all students every day).
  • Upcoming Assemblies:

Let's celebrate! The following classes had the BEST ATTENDANCE in March:

Kindergarten: K-402 with 92.5%
First Grade: 1-129 with 93.3%
Second Grade: 2/3-225 with 91.9%
Third Grade: 3-206 with 93.3%
Fourth Grade: 4-106B with 89.1%
Fifth Grade: 5-302 with 94.5%

Overall, THIRD GRADE had the best attendance at 89.6%. This is their second month in a row as the top grade!
However, MS. GOTKIN's fifth grade class, 5-302, had the top class attendance this month!


  • All About Gardens - Ms. McCarthy's Kindergarten Class

    Our brains are growing faster than our plants!

    Ms. McCarthy's class of Kindergarteners had a wonderful time exploring gardens! After exploring 
    nonfiction books about gardens, the students studied different types of gardens and what they offer. Using images and texts, the children developed their green thumbs by becoming garden experts and planting their own flower seeds! A variety of their planning and writing work is on display on this board. This beautiful and flowery board can be found outside class 407 in the Minischool.
    Posted Apr 18, 2018, 10:14 AM by Justin Russello
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